Web Design & Development Process

We have built our fair-share of websites and managed enough projects to know the importance of following a tried and tested process. The steps below outline the process we follow to design and develop effective small-business websites. Read through the steps and if you're ready to start click the blue "Apply Now" button.

The Course

We start by asking you to fill out our project worksheet and having two to three conversations about your business, your goals, and why you need a website. The objective is to define our course of action by uncovering the real reasons your business needs a website and how it will help your business achieve its goals. There will be some tough questions asked, there may even be some awkward moments, but we need to get to know your business. If we didn’t ask the tough questions, then we wouldn’t be doing our job.

The Sitemap

Once we have the information we need, we will put together a visual sitemap that will clearly define the message we are trying to communicate and how to best structure this information on your website. At this point we will also require you provide the content to be used on your website.

The Prototype

To give you a good idea of how the website will function, we will build an in-browser prototype. This helps avoid the confusion of 2-D mockups and long-winded explanations about its future functionality. The prototype won’t be pretty, but it will provide a much more interactive experience than wireframes or Photoshop mockups.

The Design

This is the exciting part! The prototype will be transformed with the use of colors and imagery that match your brand, and the visual appeal of your website will come to life.

The Delivery

In this last stage we double-check that everything looks good, is working properly and ready to be deployed on a live web host for customers to access.

Ready to get started?

Now you know what we expect and what to expect throughout our web design and development process.

If it all sounds good, then the next step is to submit the project application worksheet. Click the button below to start the process.